At Benton Light Productions - Photography, we enjoy offering photography in the South Sound area of Western Washington. We take beautiful pictures using professional cameras and lighting gear. All of our high resolution photos are carefully edited.  

Your lead photographers are the husband wife team Rob and Wendy Benton. When Wendy and I met on our first date we found we had both brought cameras! We've been shooting together ever since. We love taking pictures and it is our desire to enrich lives through our photography.

My photography began with a high school class shooting with film and developing in the school darkroom. The switch to digital has only multiplied our abilities. It's similar to when I switched from a typewriter to a word processor in my college days. We can now take all the pictures our memory cards can hold and edit like we never  dreamed of in the film days. Our quest to improve our photography skills never stops. There is always more to learn and we are continuously availing ourselves of lessons and the latest practices. It is our goal to deliver to you the best photos we can.

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